Loutses Caves (Grava and Kato Grava)

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In the village of Loutses of Pantokrator mountain, 5.6 km from our accommodation is the Cave of Loutses (Grava for the locals), at an altitude of about 300 meters. Carefully descending a steep path of 100 meters, you reach the entrance of the cave, which is located at the bottom of a cavity.

(Note: The steep path is often slippery so you should be extra careful there. Make sure you wear proper shoes and bring a bottle of water with you.)

Inside, the cave is surrounded by imposing walls, and the deeper you go, the lower its height. The roof of the cave is naturally decorated with stalactites and dark geological formations. A small stream of water overflows from the ground, turning most of the cave into a swamp.

This cave is a habitat for bats and wild pigeons, while in summer it becomes a favorite shelter for flocks of sheep, who find in there the necessary summer coolness!

Locals call the cave Peristerograva or Grava, because of the wild pigeons that nest in it. Lower on the hill there is a cave much smaller in size, which the locals call "Kato Grava". It is believed that there might be a path connecting these two caves.

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