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Hiking on unique paths, attractions and traditional settlements of the surrounding areas.
Hike on exciting routes, of higher or lesser difficulty, along coastlines, climbing the largest mountain of Corfu, or touring the traditional settlement of Palia Perithea.

Trekking on Erimitis (Hermit)

A beautiful trekking path following a virgin shoreline area, starting from Agios (Saint) Stefanos of Sinies and ending at the Avlaki beach.
The Erimitis area is constituted of 6 beaches (Agios Stefanos of Sinies, Xylokeratia, Aspalathras, Korfovonia, Vouvalomantria, Avlaki), 3 lakes (Vromolimni, Akoli, Savoura) and the most ancient lighthouse in Greece built in 1828 on Kapareli, the small island across. It is a safe environment and refuge for a variety of bird species including the aquatic ones along with other animals, such as the famous otter Lutra-lutra.
This route contains dense vegetation and is walkable only by the pathways. To walk the entire path will not take you longer than 1.5 hours.

Trekking on mountain Pantokratoras (North Corfu)

Pantokratoras (Almighty) is the highest mountain in Corfu with an altitude of 917m. Through this path, you will be able to explore the traditional small villages of Palia (Old) Perithia with its history and myths, and of course Nea (New) Peritheia. It's a unique route of environmental, architectural and historical interest that takes you up to the high ridge of Stavros (Cross).
During this relatively easy route (except for some very small parts) you will have the chance to see the Stroggyli Valley, the renowned Korission lake, the mountain villages of Agios (Saint) Mathaios and Vounatiades, a magnificent old cave and a chapel built on the rocks.
On your way up you will find many taverns where you can enjoy some delicious local recipes while enjoying the beautiful view. When you reach at a higher level of the mountain, the view of the entire island of Corfu, flat and clear, will leave you I awe!

Trekking in old Perithia

A hike mainly of architectural and historical value, starts from Palia Perithia and crosses the whole village, ending at the old road, at the foot of Mount Pantokratoras.
What makes Palia Perithia interesting is the fact that it's one of the oldest villages on the island where you can see houses made by stone in the traditional way. There are about 8 churches around the village and at entrance of it stands the bell tower of St. Jacob the Persian, a significant religious monument.

Trekking by Antinioti lagoon

A unique path due to its environmental importance, it gives you the chance to come across some rare flora and fauna, protected by the NATURA 2000, a regulation applied by the EU in all its country members.
The size of this path depends on the way you like to walk through it, that is why it can be 2km or 13km if you choose to take the vertical paths through the forest, where you can see Lutra-lutra, one of the rarest and endangered otter species in the European continent.
Along the path, you’ll encounter horses, sheep and goats, while enjoying the chirping of the many forest birds. Depending on the season, you might see visitos collecting herbs, asparagus and flowers. Also, you will be able to see the beaches of Almyros, Roda and Acharavi, and explore one of the most beautiful forest landscapes in the country.

Trekking in Nymfes

This path is easy and short (it only lasts 45)'. It starts from the square of Nymfes village and you walk it by following the signs on the road. However, don’t judge it by its size for it is a place of magical beauty.
Following the blue signs, you’ll come across the grave of hermit Artemios Paisios from Epirus, who arrived in Corfu from Epirus in the 5th century and left his mark on the residents who still speak of his wonders till this day.
Reaching the waterfalls, you will be amazed by the enchanting scenery and feel an instant rejuvenation.

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